Tori Trogani - December 15, 2017

Its a family tradition for us to do our annual Christmas tree shopping together  and we’ve had all kinds of fun experiences over the years including one occasion where we cut our tree down ourselves, but I think this was the first time we have ever had the chance to go Christmas Tree Shopping in the snow. This, of course, presented certain weather-related challenges, but I have to say it was one of the most magical holiday outings I’ve had in quite a while and a lot of that is due to the atmosphere of Mahoney’s Garden Center in Winchester.

Mahoney’s Garden Center first opened in Winchester, MA in 1959. Since then this family-run home and garden center has now grown to include eight retail locations in Winchester, Tewksbury, Concord, Brighton, Falmouth, Osterville and Chelmsford, and a growing facility in Woburn. During the holiday season, they have a wide selection of different types of Christmas trees on display in their nursery yards which abut a large cliff face turning the place into a winter wonderland dotted with old fashioned lamp posts and other lovely Christmas greens for sale.

Once we had decided upon a tree, the helpful Mahoney’s staff gave it a complimentary shake to remove loose needles, gave the trunk a fresh trim, wrapped it in netting and loaded it up onto the top of our car for no additional cost. While that was being taken care of, we went inside their greenhouse to check out what they had to offer in there.

Stepping inside the garden center was a welcome respite from the snow outside and we were immediately met with a huge collection of poinsettias immediately bringing to mind that scene in Frosty the Snowman. Do you know the one I mean? I haven’t seen that movie in ages but I always associate poinsettias with that movie, haha. Just beyond the poinsettias were some gorgeous flower arrangements. Mahoney’s is a full-service florist and can provide arrangements a broad range of events from proms, to corporate events, to weddings. Some of the pre-made ones we saw would make beautiful hostess gifts if you are attending any Christmas parties this month and are looking for a present! You can see their collection of holiday arrangements online here. 

Past the florist, in the next section of the garden center they had a lovely selection of succulents in pretty pots and air plants in glass terrariums that would also make wonderful gifts. We actually did pick up one for Mom to take to her work’s Holiday Yankee Swap. Then, down a little hallway they have the dedicated holiday greens section.

They have a wonderful selection of topiaries, swags, and garlands, but the most impressive offering of Mahoney’s are their beautiful wreaths.

They also have this adorable North Pole set up for pictures featuring Santa’s Sleigh.

In addition to our lovely tree, we couldn’t resist picking up one of their beautiful wreaths that was decorated with a mixture of juniper and pepper berries.

We didn’t have time to stop in ourselves, but there are often different vendors set up in the parking lot that you can visit before you leave, sometimes people selling hot cider and hot chocolate or on this occasion, the wacky candy shack. It always adds a bit of extra fun to the whole shopping experience.

We will definitely be back for all our holiday shopping next year!


Sunday – Wednesday:    8am – 8pm

Thursday – Saturday: 8am – 9pm  


Mahoney’s Garden Center: $$

Key $: $14 and under  $$:  $15 to $30  $$$: $31 to $50  $$$$ More than $50



Mahoney’s Garden Center – Winchester

242 Cambridge Street

Winchester, MA 01890



Find out more about their other Massachusetts locations here. 


They have a dedicated parking lot with plenty of parking but it can get a bit busy this time of year with everyone getting their trees so getting the parking spots closer to the entrance gets a bit trickier at peak times. 

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