Tori Trogani - June 6, 2016

We  actually first stumbled upon L’artisan while in pursuit of a totally different bakery/restaurant. The family got really into the show Unique Eats on the Cooking Channel about two years back and when a place in Providence got featured we knew we had to check it out. We set out to find La Laiterie at Farmstead in Wayland Square with a lot of excitement only to find that they had since closed and the owners had moved back to Boston where they had opened a new restaurant called Townsman (which we are dying to try out!).

But it wasn’t a wasted trip because while we were driving around, confused, looking for La Laiterie we found the beautiful L’artisan Café & Bakery instead!

DSC_1551 copyReally, it should be called L’artisan Café & Bakery & Gourmet European-Style Market with a bit of Lebanon mixed in, but I understand why they chose the shorter name 😉 . This magic combination is a reflection of its owner, Ghassan Daou, a man of Lebanese descent with over 20 years experience in the gourmet market business who owned a similar place in Montreal before coming to Providence.

IMG_4292 copy Walking in, the atmosphere is very cozy with warm brick and exposed beams, a soundtrack of quiet classical music in the morning and jazz in the afternoon, with cute little café tables scattered around and a grouping of comfy leather chairs by the front window (we were lucky to come in during an afternoon lull and were able to claim the leather chairs).

IMG_4261 copy

For a relatively small place, they have a diverse range of choices in their drinks and their food. You can get everything from a glass of wine to espresso (of the specially imported Illy variety) and they have a wide selection of savory and sweet options, depending on what you feel like that day.

IMG_4255 copy

IMG_4259 copy

One of the best things about L’artisan is their prepared foods which are always super fresh and extremely tempting, whether that be salads or wraps or fruit or loaves of fresh baked bread. I used to come here for breakfast and would often pick up a little something for lunch that day as well. Need quality artisan food for your next event? You’re in luck! They also cater.

IMG_4282 copy IMG_4287 copyI have a few favorites off the menu, such as the fresh toasted baguette with fig preserves and a cappuccino, but on this visit I decided to go full-on chocolate overload with one of their beautiful mochas (and I do mean beautiful) and their perfect chocolate croissant.

DSC_1571 copyIf you are a fan of latte art, L’artisan baristas do not disappoint. I have got to learn how to do that!

Mom got a cappuccino and stole…ahem, shared half of my croissant. I suppose I can’t blame her. When a croissant manages to be beautifully light and buttery and have a delicious melted chocolate center, who wouldn’t want to steal a bite?

Rediscover what artisan really means at this one-of-a-kind café!

If you want to hear more about L’artisan Bakery in other customer’s own words, here is a video made by David Wells for the L’artisan website highlighting the everyday hustle and bustle of the café and some more beautiful examples of their latte art!

Actor Mark Ruffalo also loves it! Click here to see what he has to say.


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Monday – Sunday:    6am-10pm



Key $: $14 and under  $$:  $15 to $30  $$$: $31 to $50  $$$$ More than $50



9 Wayland Ave

Providence, RI 02906



On-street parking can be found all around Wayland Square but usually you can find a spot on Angell Street or South Angell Street. You also have the option of receiving validation for 1 free hour of parking in the lot located on Medway Street.

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  • Women's March - The People Perisist - Cambridge #womensmarch 
#resist #powertothepolls #togetherwerise #reSISTERS #girlpower #toritookthesepictures
  • Women's March -The People Perisist - Cambridge #womensmarch 
#resist #powertothepolls #togetherwerise #reSISTERS #girlpower #toritookthesepictures